Monday, December 26, 2011

The Christmas Hangover

So Christmas came and went at the Harper house.  All and all it was a great day despite my dad and myself being sick.  Kathy was sick too but she refused to admit it by keeping herself busy all day.

The boys had a great Christmas with grandpa and aunts and uncles being way too generous. Of course Santa and the parents did their part too as evidenced by the three bags of wrapping paper that went into recycling this morning.

Josh is still young enough that all the little possibilities of Christmas still exist.  Zach not so much.  Teenagers...

Josh swears he heard hoofs on the roof "at some point" during the night.  The carrots we left out for the reindeer were eaten and no doubt consumed in a furious fit of hunger after their long journey.  The homemade cookies and glass of milk were gone.  "Santa must have really liked what we left for him this year!" Josh proclaimed as he surveyed the sea of presents that he was sure were all meant for him.

Grandpa being here this year was extra special.  The last time he was here was the Christmas after my mom passed away and that was an especially tough year for us all.  This year had more smiles and less tears, though I could tell Dad thought of Mom often yesterday.  Of course Mom was with us all in spirit...I could feel it.

We of course celebrated our standard traditions such as watching Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story and sneaking in some football watching (Dallas...why do you forsake me so?). Kathy outdoes herself in the decorating department so no matter what room you walk into, you feel the special warmth of Christmas.  I didn't always appreciate how much she did to make the holiday season special for us but with age comes wisdom and I do now!

It was a great Christmas weekend altogether and I am truly grateful to have Kathy and the boys and Dad here.  Now if I can only kick this creepy crud that has been stalking me for the past several days, everything would be perfect.

Hope your Christmas was as special as ours!

Ripple On!!!

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