Monday, October 31, 2011

Connect Over Halloween

The Harper Pumpkins from this year
So as you head into the office today, hopefully dressed as something creative, I hope you'll use this fine Halloween Day as the perfect excuse to trick or teat yourself into knowing someone at your office better.  Use Halloween as the perfect opportunity to scare up some good conversation with your co-worker, colleague, boss or even your customers!

Use this timely Ripple Connection Question:  
What is your favorite memory from Halloween?

It's amazing where this simple, but powerful, little question will take you. 

Last year, I learned about one of my employee's fear of the creepy house on the corner.  Instant connection point as I too had one of those growing up.  We all used to dare one another to go up and try and trick or treat them.  Inevitably we all chickened out.

Another friend of mine shared his love of the Bionic Man and how excited he was wearing that costume that year.  I too was Steve Austin and wanted to grow up to be just like him...mainly because I was in love with the Bionic Woman. 

I had a colleague share with me how he and his buddies once made their garage into a haunted house and how they still talk about it to this day. too!  Roy Linn and I from soccer did the same thing and despite not having many kids come by that year had a blast all afternoon putting it together. Our parents placated us and said it was the scariest Haunted House any of them had ever been in. 

The point is this little question anchors people back to a time where Halloween was special for them.  It opens up so many doors of conversation that you'll be surprised at where it will take you and what you'll learn about someone. 

So in the spirit of the Great Pumpkin do Mr. Ripple a favor let some ghostly tails out of the ol' memory crypt and see what scarey connection points (aka spirits) will rise up to frighten up a few smiles and laughs.  You many just find yourself quaking at the similarities you never knew you had with someone!

Happy Halloween and as always...

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Anonymous said...

Great idea Steve. As always.

Happy Halloween!