Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ripple Video BLOG: Reengage but don't stalk!

Can't see today's video? No problemo mi amigo (ahhh my dad would be so proud of my spanish!) simply go here:

Ripple On!!!


Susan Stratmore said...

I think you need to do more videos Steve. I like looking at you. :)

Yomar said...

OH man, I tell ya, Steve: I've done many a bout as a full-time consultant and salesperson.. The hardest part was always figuring out, "Is it too soon to pitch?" I don't like the sharks you find at parties and mixers, always trying to make a sale. I guess that disdain makes me feel dirty whenever I HAVE to do some self-promotion...

Well, I've gotten over that and your suggestions here are brilliant. If you build the relationship enough, you'll know when it is right to offer what you have. Heck, sometimes people will come to you first because they'll WANT to know what your "thing" is.

Sadly, we'll still have the stalkers that mix up persistence and desperation. There's a certain degree of posture you need to have, too.. When you're not desperate but you're HUNGRY to take the relationship to the next level, then good things happen.

I feel sometimes we in small biz start begging for scraps because we worry about when that next big gig or project will go through. Certainly, there's a lot to it but, ultimately, the key is to keep nurturing the relationships, before you're "in the red zone". 8)