Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just Because

Want to make a super huge impact on the people you've identified as important to your personal and professional network? 

Call them up. Notice I didn't say email them, Facebook them or Tweet them.

Drop by their office this afternoon. You're not going to interrupt them trust me.

Fire off a handwritten card and mail it today.  They'll have it two days from now if the Post Office doesn't screw up!

Have a box of cookies (muffins or cupcakes work too) sent over to their office or their home. Every bakery delivers these days.

Drop off a basket of "office survival supplies." A bag of coffee, some colorful post-it notes, some new pens (who doesn't like new pens - especially the ones that smell good or write really nice!). 


Just because.

Just because is the greatest all-time excuse on the planet.  When asked why you did what you did, almost any action (otherwise known as the Ripple you created) can be followed by the words, "Just because."

Just because I was thinking about you.
Just because it's been way too long.
Just because you are important to me and I wanted to let you know.
Just because I am truly blessed to have you as my friend (colleague, boss, significant other).
Just because I wanted to make today a little bit more special for you.
Just because I wanted to.

And with those words you will have forever made a memorable impact on someone who's important to you and without question have become just a bit more important to them as well.

So who amongst your network of personal and professional relationships need a little Ripple just because?

Ripple On!!!

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