Friday, July 01, 2011

Ripple Reader Question: Incredible People

A reader of this BLOG wrote:

"How do you seem to surround yourself with so many incredible people? What's your secret?"  - Susan

Well first, thank you for the question Susan.  I always like hearing from my readers so keep those questions coming!

My answer is simple.  I surround myself with so many incredible people because I am constantly on the lookout for them!  That's right....I actively look for people who seem interesting and then I do whatever I can to connect with them.  If they are in my town, I reach out to them and ask them out for coffee.  If they are online, I start following them and engaging them in online conversation.

This world has so many amazing people in it.  People just waiting to inspire and motivate you.  People who have something to teach you. People who will broaden your horizon and your experiences.  People who will challenge you to be more than you are today.

I constantly keep my eyes peeled for such people and when I find them, I do what I can to engage and connect with them.  That's where the experience, the new business associations and the new friendships start. 

So there you have it Susan!  Thanks for the question. 

Now I challenge you and the rest of my readers to go find some of your own incredible people and go engage and connect with them.  The Ripples that will surely come from it will amaze you I promise!

Ripple On!!!


Maria Gatling said...

Love this post! Everyone can learn from watching you. So glad we connected.

Steve Harper aka Mr. Ripple said...

Ahh thanks Maria. I am honored to have you and Roy as my friends!

Ripple On!!!