Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is This Thing On?

So I have to tell you, I am a little disappointed in the response I got to my last BLOG post.  I figured that by putting it out there I would be overwhelmed by the crush of suggestions about what this old boy should write next.

I wasn't.

Sure I got some great responses from a few of you.  Thank you for them by the way.  In fact on idea further stimulated another idea I was already thinking about and very well may be what I concentrate on next.  Thanks Maria!  Artie your idea was a keeper as well so thank you too!

But I need more!  I need lots more.  You see whether it's what I am writing next or ideas on what would help you take your own life and career to the next level - it's important to me.  Why?  Because you are important to me and I want to help you.  Whether that's through my writing, email correspondence, picking up the phone to chat about whatever "it" is, I want to do it!

One way to be a good connector, which as you know, often makes you a good Rippler, is to care about your people.  That means understanding what they are passionate about.  What frustrates them.  What is holding them back.  What brass ring they may be reaching for if only they had a bigger step ladder.

Those are the stories I want to hear.  Those are the ideas I need to learn about. Those are the things that undoubtedly intertwine our ability to perhaps serve one another on a much larger scale?

You dig?

So help me out.  What do you want?  What advice can I give you?  What thoughts do you need feedback on?  What would help you get what you want if only you could get that strategy you've been missing fully implemented. Who knows, if it's important to you then it just may be important to my other readers!

This call to action is not just about me you see, it's about you too!

Let me hear from you! 

Ripple On!!!

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Saint Michael said...

dude your a beast. that being said i would suggest a literal interpretation of what you perceive reality to be. that would be a book i would read. just saying. much love to ya brother.