Friday, July 08, 2011

Friday Favorites

Cheap CDs!

So those of you who know me know I am a huge lover of music.  So much so that last weekend I had intended to clean out my game room closet where all my CDs are stored, alphabetize them and put them back so my entire music library would be well organized.  Pile after pile came out and before I realized it my whole game room was literally covered with hundreds, perhaps thousands of CD cases.

The task was beyond me (after all it was a holiday weekend) so I gave up.  I smiled at my defeat but more because I was impressed at the sheer amount of tunage I have in my possession than the actual fact I failed at the task I had set before me.  So pile after pile went back into the closet, much to the chagrin of my wife.  Yes Dr. Phil or those people who have the Hoarders program on TLC, I may have a problem. is my thing.  All types of music!  Doesn't matter what it is....I love it.  Well recently I found that a bookstore called Half Price Books is a cheap way to feed my music collecting habit.  They offer thousands upon thousands of CDs spanning just about any genre you can think of. Just as with their books (which I love too by the way), they sell most of them half off the original sticker price.

But why Half Price Books is my Friday Favorite is because of their below almost hidden in plain sight semi-secret lower CD shelf conveniently located below their main display.  I never have looked beyond the waist-high display before, that was until recently and bubba let me tell, a kid at Christmas wouldn't sufficiently describe my reaction to my discovery.  What I found were many of the same CDs that were in their up in their normal display were also housed down below and many of them were offered at a fraction of the half price price!  That's right many of the best artists for fifty cents or a buck!  Vanquished to this lonely old shelf because either there were too many duplicates of the same title or it was a title that wasn't selling well so they have been jettisoned off to discount land.  And there they sit, waiting for someone with a severe CD collecting habit to come along.  (Enter Ripple Man here)

For ten bucks I walk out of Half Price Books every trip with dozens of CDs I would never have bought at full price, may never have purchased at half price but for a few quarters I can easily sell the economical argument to my wife.  Hmm well still working on that last part but it's my fantasy so let me live it.

That is why Half Price Books' hidden in plain sight, semi-secret lower CD shelf is my Friday Favorite.  I suspect a trip over there "just to look" (again wife argument here) is in my future this weekend.  Maybe I'll see you?  I'll be the guy laughing like the Joker and salivating like a dog in heat.

To learn more about Half Price Books and to see if they are expanding to your area (they are growing like wildfire), click here:

Enjoy your weekend.  I know I will....headphones and all!

Ripple On!!!

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