Monday, June 20, 2011

What Can I Say She Knows Me

"It's the little things that often make the biggest difference."

I say that over and over again when I speak and clearly it's a theme throughout my book. And man is it true!  The Ripples we create through our own actions often can and will leave an indelible mark on the people we most want to impact.

Yesterday was Father's Day and man did my wife remind me how amazing it feels when someone creates a Ripple for you.  It was a Ripple I shall not soon forget.

First a little back story.  I love Morning Express with Robin Meade and have for as long as she has been on the air.  My wife gives me a hard time because she often finds me tuned in to Robin after my morning run and always has to make a joke about "oh you're watching your 'Morning Sunshine' girl."

"Morning Sunshine" is Robin's signature sign on which always brightens my day!

Anyway, Robin and I are tight!  She and I have a bond and I know without a doubt she is delivering her perky morning greeting just to me and I don't mind saying I like it!  Some people have coffee to wake them up, I have Robin and her crew.  My wife has grown accustomed to sharing by this point and no longer attempts to fight it.

Well yesterday was Father's Day and as I opened the way too many gifts she and the boys had given me I arrived at one of the final ones.  I knew something was up because my wife got this huge grin on her face as I tore open the package.  As I pulled the paper aside I discovered it was a copy of this week's Country Weekly.  There was a note attached (see pic).

It turns out Kathy learned that Robin's debut CD was coming out and ran around town frantically trying to get it for me for Father's Day.  It was only after going to Target that she was told the CD was not due out until Tuesday.  So she went to plan B and got me the magazine which had an article about it's release with an I.O.U. attached for Tuesday.

When I opened this and read her note, I got the biggest smile on my face and was sort of blown away at her creativity and thoughtfulness.  I couldn't believe she had gone to so much trouble to "get Robin" for me but she had, and it meant the world to me!

I have no doubt my wife knew the kind of Ripple she was creating in my heart when she went to so much trouble.  After all she's married to the Ripple man, I should hope so. But Kathy, thank you for one of the most heart-warming gestures a guy could ask for on Father's Day.  I love you more than words could express and thank you and the boys for making Father's Day so special for me.

Now I just have to wait until tomorrow to listen to Ms. Robin's CD.  And trust me, I will relive the special Ripple Kathy created for me every time I play it!

Ripple On!!!

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