Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Favorites

Image representing Pandora Media as depicted i...Image via CrunchBaseI love music.  In fact I am pretty close to having to get another iPod just to hold all of the music that I have collected over the years.  And I already have the largest iPod that Apple makes so if that gives you any idea. (Yes I have a problem!)

One of the things that I discovered a few years ago is a web based service called Pandora Radio. Pandora gives you the freedom to play DJ and create your own stations based on specific artists or genre of music.  It's super cool because say you are into John Mayer, Pandora will not only play some of John's latest hits but other artists that are similar to him.  The result is you often find yourself discovering incredible artists that may never have heard of and would not have gotten on your radar otherwise. This feature of course has only fed my music purchase compulsion but that's alright with me.

You can play Pandora on your computer, smartphone or mobile device all you need is access to the Internet.  You can rock/chill out to whatever tunes suite your fancy. In fact, there are many a nights that I will sit out in my back yard listening to Pandora as I let the problems of the day wash away with the rhythm of whatever I happen to be listening to.

I love my Pandora Radio! It's one of my Friday favorites and I hope it'll become a favorite of yours too.  Learn more about this free service (yes free!) at

Ripple On!!!

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rajiv said...

Pandora is certainly a great way to relax after a day's work. Have a great time with your Pandora box