Friday, April 15, 2011

Ripple Friday Favorites

Welcome to Friday!  Don't you just love the word Friday?

Every so often I like to use the glorious day of Friday to highlight something that I've discovered, purchased or utilized that I think my readers might like to learn about. 

This week my Friday Favorite is TweetDeck!

If you are using Twitter, and let's be honest, who isn't, Tweet Deck is an ideal way to keep up with all those people you like to follow on Twitter! It's also does a bang up job of helping you know who's talking about you, retweeting your fantastically funny and witty Tweets or listing you as one super amazing killer Twittererrerer.

The service is completely free and it comes in whatever flavor you want....desktop, mobile phone and for those killer tablet platforms like the iPad!

Learn more about TweetDeck at

Who may just find even more ways to connect with those you follow and who follow you.  And wouldn't that be a good Ripple don'tcha know!

Until next time, follow me on on Twitter @rippleon and go enjoy your Friday!

Ripple On!!!

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