Monday, March 14, 2011

Your Ripple Effect: Homeless Soap

I am occasionally asked for ways that people can create some sort of Ripple Effect in their own life.  My slogan is Make A Difference. Start To Ripple! so it makes sense that I should give my readers some easy to implement ideas on the topic don't you think?

Ever travel?  If you happen to stay overnight at a hotel you know that there this often an abundance of toiletries provided for you. Everything from bars of soap and shampoo to hand lotions, toothpaste and Q-tips.  Of course these days most people who travel regularly often bring their own supplies (provided they made it successfully through the TSA checkpoint) so these hotel provided conveniences are rarely used.  And even if you use them, asking the hotel for an extra set of shampoos and soaps is no big deal.  Trust me, you paid enough for them with your room cost!

What if you took those supplies home with you?  Pack them in a Ziploc Bag and deliver them to a homeless shelter or give them to the next homeless person you see on a corner in your town with a smile and a word of encouragement.  You may think the impact is pretty small relatively speaking but it's anything but.  You may just provide that ray of sunshine and hope that this person needs to have in order to find the courage and have the belief to get back up on their feet.   

One simple gesture that could Ripple out in ways you could never expect.

Not planning on traveling anytime soon?  Buys some extra toiletries in bulk the next time you go to the store or that warehouse shopping outlet.  It doesn't matter where the items come from, it just matters that you took the time to take action and create some Ripples!

No matter what you do go do something.   Make A Difference.  Start To Ripple!

Ripple On!!!

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