Monday, November 29, 2010

Alan Howard with Plessers Appliance Is A Rippler!

This morning as I was running on my treadmill, watching The Morning Express with Robin Meade and this great little story was profiled that I just had to share. It was a heartwarming story that stands out as an ideal example of how one person can create a pretty major Ripple for someone they don't even know.

I would encourage you to watch the video and read the article on CNN's website.  After you are done I would like I ask you a favor.  Take a few minutes to think about how you might play a role in helping someone, perhaps a complete stranger, this holiday season.  Your time, your attention and even your money may just create The Ripple Effect that forever alters the course of someone's life.

Mr. Howard sure did!

In case you want to say thanks to Mr. Howard here's his address:

Alan Howard
Plessers Appliance
6 E Main St.
Babylon, New York 11702

And Mr. Howard you are right, there is still some good in this world.  Thank you for showing it to us!

Ripple On!!!

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