Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Your Style Points Are Being Tracked

So if you've read my book you know I recommend not keeping track of the Ripples you create for others. I often get asked why and with good reason. After all why did I do this good deed, open this door, help this person out, extend myself in some way IF there is no payoff for me? If this doesn't create Ripples in some small way for ME then why do it? Just for the sake of doing it?

Hmmm...yes.  And...no.

To be a true Rippler you have to be willing to do all those things for people, those you know and those you may not know (yet) because in the end its the RIGHT thing to do. It's what you are meant to do. Give a little piece of yourself to those who need it and expect that the only gift you will receive in turn is that warm feeling in your heart that says, "Good Job today" as you settle into that warm comfy bed of yours.

Would you like to receive immediate praise and recognition? Sure! who wouldn't? Would you like it payoff in some sort of big way for you? You bet. Shouldn't you expect the favor to be returned in some small way? I am sure most of us do.

Those reactions all human nature. I give - you give back. You take - I take. I cover lunch today - you cover lunch tomorrow. You profit - I should profit.

Just think for a second if you took YOU and your personal and professional aspirations out of the equation for just a minute then you are simply left with just THEM. Action + Effort = Positive Outcome for THEM. Are you with me so far?

It's not rocket science nor some complicated way to scheme life into adding more pluses to your good deed column. It's about rising above one's self to contribute in some small, medium or large way to someone else's life, career, passion, need, want, or desperate cries for help. It's about being THAT person that made the difference when all other people conveniently looked the other way. It's all about being THAT man or woman that people aspire to be like. It's about being the very best steward of the relationships you have and the ones you've yet to make through a commitment to do more good things than bad in a given day.

It's about living a life in the service of others and nothing more.

Oh don't let me kid you. Someone, somewhere is tracking all these great Ripples you create for others. They watch, they listen and yes they do track style points. And somewhere down the road you'll get to cash in a few of those style points at at time when you really need them and it will all make sense as those Ripples come washing back upon your shores.

Until then....focus on THEM. Remember it's about THEM. Create at least one Ripple per day for THEM.

Ripple On!!!

P.S. If you haven't read my book I invite you to check it out at www.ripplecentral.com. Buy it if it tickles your fancy and I will guarantee that you will get at least one great idea out of it or your money back! Sound fair?  Regardless find a way to start Rippling in your life and watch as your relationships and the world around you rise up to meet you. It's a Ripple Effect of the highest order my friend and its a calling that is inherently call us all.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the insightful work Steve! Great post and reminder as always. This is something I struggle with (hoping for payback) but you are absolutely right...I just need to let that go. The payback will come...


Anonymous said...

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tzedakah#In_rabbinical_literature_of_the_classical_and_Middle_Ages

Same thing, slightly different angle.


Anonymous said...

Let's try a better url:


Ann said...

Yikes, I don't think that there should be a score card, or a chart of I did this for you..you did this for me.

Of course I am a Polly Anna and think that my role in life is to leave this world a better place than when I arrived here.

You know me, I'm big on rippling the love out these days.


maria gatling said...

When you give a gift of any kind, it is exactly that....A Gift! You don't expect anything in return. We often forget that what we have to offer to others, of ourselves, is also a gift, just like what we receive from others. The only things to be measured and kept track of are baking ingredients!

James F. said...

I think your way of looking at things isn't realistic. Who has time to do things in business just because? Don't agree at all.

If I do something for you I expect something in return. Isn't that implied?

Anonymous said...


Clearly you don't know Steve nor do you really understand his philosophy. His approach to building one's business the right way has made a huge impact on my company.

Read his book and maybe you'll understand more. It's more than realistic and my entire executive team is proof of what Ripples will come when you focus on creating them.