Friday, October 15, 2010

Why I Do What I Do

The Ripple From a Friend

I recently received this amazing email from Ripple Friend Ann Miller (find her on Twitter @AnnOhio) and it nearly brought me to tears when I read it.  It was one of the most heartfelt expressions of friendship that I've ever received.

Ann and I connected a few years ago and just clicked. She's been a tremendous supporter of my work and believe it or not we've built an amazing friendship exclusively online. I can't wait until we finally meet in person; Katy bar the door when that happens!

I asked Ann for permission to share her very personal message to me with you.

I share this because it means so much to me and is proof positive of why I do what I do.  I never in a million years would have thought my words, my actions, my approach to helping people learn to Ripple would have such an impact.  I am both humbled and honored to have people like Ann and many of you in my life.

Ann's words, though written to me, stand as an example of the kind of Ripples that can return to you if you just take the time to truly connect with other people.  Here's hoping you find your @AnnOhio by living and breathing a Ripple Centric life.

You are my love break for today..since reading the book The
I've been making an effort to tell each of my friends the
reasons why I love them. I believe that sending out love brings
ripples of love into my world...I have realized that I don't take
the time to let people know what an impact they have on my life,
and how much I care.

Imagine it..Feel it ....Receive it..

I love...the way that you embrace life. Sure, we've never met, but I've read your book, read your blog posts and followed your Facebook and Twitter messages. I think that I see a great deal about the person that you are.

I love...the way you shared your love with your mom, and your stories of adventures or just a beer on the porch with your dad always make me smile. More than once those stories have brought a tear to my eye, because they are real and from the heart.

I love...watching your kids grow up through your eyes. It brings back memories of the days when my kids were young and all of those small triumphs that will become memories for you and your wife as the years quickly zoom by. You truly are a great family, and provide a great environment for all of you to grow and thrive.

I love...your determination about educating people on the importance of rippling. I send out ripples every day, sometimes not even realizing until much later that I have done that. I can't say the word ripple without you coming to mind.

I love...your love of Texas. You know I'm one of those *I got here as fast as I could* kind of Texans. But I still love the place, love the adventure that my life has become here. For me everything really is bigger in Texas.

I love...your encouragement, and thought provoking posts. I like the way that your mind works.

I love...your variety of profile photos..they range from serious to downright funny.

I love...your athleticism, bike riding, tennis, laboring away on the treadmill you are up to all sorts of things to take care of your health. That's always a good thing, I am going to need you to be around for quite some time.

I love...your enthusiasm for a variety of sporting events, when do you find the time to sleep?

I, your friendship and what you add to my life. I never ever would have thought that you and I would become friends those many many years ago when I came across your blog. My life is so much richer because of you.

Your ripple assignment...find at least 5 people to sit down and think about the reasons that you love them and put it into writing and hit the send button. I've tried to send this message out to at least one person a day. There have been times when the messages that I sent out have involved tears on my side as I really thought about why I loved the person.

The reaction from some people is silence (it's not about receiving an answer), some people have been quite touched by the words (it's not about that either), it's about sending love out into the universe and making a ripple...

I learned that part from you.


Thank you for your friendship Ms. Ann Miller!  You have absolutely no idea what kind of Ripple you created when you sent this!

Ripple On!!!


Ann said...

Awwww....shoot you know I am just me. I have received so much back from those messages of love.

Erica B. said...

You know Steve Ann just told you what we are all thinking.

We are blessed to have you as our inspirational Ripple leader.