Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ripple Focus: Andrew Weaver

Sometimes I have to pinch myself for all the incredible and talented people I have been lucky enough to meet during this journey to promote my book and Ripple concept.  One of those people is my good friend Andrew Weaver of Leave it Weaver BLOG fame.

I call Andrew a good friend although I've never actually met him in person (yet) or even talked with him on the phone.  This friendship started completely online after discovering some comments he made on a mutual friend's BLOG.  I started following his BLOG which I loved and eventually we became "friends" on Facebook.

I've enjoyed getting to know "The Weave" and learned we both have a very similar interests in writing, music, inspirational quotes, social media and just sharing what's on our mind.  I am honored to call him a friend and hope one day soon we'll tip a pint in person.

I share Andrew's latest BLOG post because I know a lot of you that follow me are in a management or leadership capacity.  I think his post about not micromanaging is spot and serves as an excellent reminder how easily it undermines the relationship and trust you hope to cultivate and build within your work environment. I highly recommend you check it out and put his BLOG on your must read list.

Check out his latest post at:

Ripple On!!!

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