Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Build a Better Relationship With Your Boss - Part Three Point Five

And watch your stock in the company rise as well.

Well did you do it?  Did you do the last exercise in part three?

I've got even money that 90% of you did not.  Sure you thought of a few things and perhaps even surprised yourselves with a few ditties you actually remembered learning about the boss over the years but in the end you didn't execute on the exercise.  You thought to yourself that should be good enough shouldn't it?
Well it wasn't and let me tell you why.

The exercise was really a test! A test of your desire to actually do something to build a relationship with your boss.  A test to see how sincere you are in your motivation. A test to see if you've really been paying attention throughout this series.  A test to see how committed you are to think outside the box and do something completely different than the rest of the employees your boss sees every day.

You see in order to build any kind of relationship with your boss you need to first realize the effort in doing so is all yours Bubba (Bubbette where applicable).  I've said it before but it's true.  If you are to build a relationship of any kind, good, bad or indifferent, it will be because of you.

So if you didn't do the exercise you better stop reading and go do it right now.

For the rest of you, my mindful 10%, let's continue.

Let's look at that list you created.  Of the various things that you know about your boss what is most interesting?  Does he or she possess a certain skill you admire or wish you had?  Like she's a great communicator or possesses the kind of confidence you long to have.  Perhaps he has a hobby like painting, running or is really passionate about a particular sports team - something you either do yourself or wish you did.  Maybe they are an avid reader as are you. The point is there is something you can hang you hat on and that's the first step.

Finding commonality helps set the stage for making your first move in engaging your boss.  So before we move onto creating the ideal opportunity and question strategy, take a few moments to highlight your list and identify the things that you can truly relate to or admire most about your boss.  These items likely hold the keys to building a real relationship with your boss.

And you just thought it was some dumb exercise eh?  Think again Flinstone!

Ripple On!!!

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