Monday, August 09, 2010

Build A Better Relationship With Your Boss - Part One

And watch your stock in the company increase as well.

Bosses are tricky.  Building a relationship with them is often a scary and difficult thing to do.  However, if  you like your job, like the work you are doing and want to have a snow ball's chance in hell of surviving long-term at the company you work for then finding an avenue to develop and grow a relationship with your boss is essential.

So how on Earth do you get started?

Well the first step is quite simple really.

Take some time to understand your boss.

Here's the thing, your boss is not a god.  He or she puts on their pants, brushes their teeth (hopefully because building a relationship with a boss that has bad breath can be the pits!) and leaves their home every working day just like you do to come to work (you in your beat up old clunker and they in their fancy smancy sports car but try not to think about that).  Sure they may have a bigger fancier title than you do (at present).  They make more money than you do (I know that part sucks!).  They get to have all the responsibility and take all the glory (some might say that's okay let 'em have it).


They get all of the headaches.  Good bosses are lying awake at night worrying about you (yes you) and the rest of your employees.  They worry about how to keep revenues flowing so all of you will have a place to work at in the first place.  They fret over finding new customers and keeping said customers once they have them.  They stress over bottom lines and profit percentages.  Their brains never rest as they continually contemplate their next strategic move to keep your company viable.

Although it may not look like it, being a boss is hard work (try not to focus on their trips around the world or those afternoon golf outings for now will ya?).  It's mentally and physically exhausting and for some, it's a guaranteed early trip to the local undertaker (think you have a hard boss imagine the guy who works UNDER the under taker!). And though it may not seem like it, they do it all for you (you whiney, ungrateful little....just kidding)!

I see that tear forming in the corner of your right eye.  Now that S.O.B. doesn't look like such a bad guy or gal do they?  Makes you feel a little remiss that you didn't even buy the turkey a card for Boss's Day in all the time you've worked there doesn't it?

Over the next few blog posts we will look at some fundamental strategies for how you can build a better relationship with your boss.  Some of it will be common sense (which only means we all have it but few of us use it) and some will be outside the box.  It will take a little bit of courage on your part to implement however and that's where the rubber will meet the road (or in Fred's case, bare feet).

So are you ready?  The work whistle at the old Slate Rock and Gravel Company just blew and it's time to get to work.

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Andrew Weaver said...

Yes, I am ready. :) Enjoying your posts on this subject so far.