Friday, July 09, 2010

Ripple Focus

In order to be a good Rippler you have to put the focus on others.  One of the greatest ways to strength your connection to others is to recognize and share the good work that they are doing with other people who need to hear about it.

So in following my own advice, I wanted to share a great BLOG post by Sterling Raphael in which one of my good friends Maura Thomas is mentioned.  For those of you who don't know Maura let me tell you you're missing out!  Maura is a productivity trainer, speaker and coach and she is doing some amazing work helping people just like me make sense of our busy and often time challenged lives. 

I highly encourage you to read about Maura in Mr. Raphael's post on the Acronym BLOG by going here:

I also encourage you to visit Maura's new website where she shares tips, strategies and all sorts of ideas on how to Regain Your Time.  It just so happens that her company is named that too so it's easy to remember.  Check it out by going here:

Enjoy your Friday my friends.  Go put some Ripple Focus on someone in your world and see just how many Ripples come from it!

Ripple On!!!

1 comment:

Tim Wright said...

Well said, Steve. You summarize Maura's expertise perfectly...and make me want to read Sterling's blog.

I view time as a phenomenon we can maximize (rather than merely manage). Consequently, I am pretty much in synch w/ Maura's specifically valuable ways of regaining our time.