Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Sapper Zappers

Creating powerful supportive connections may not be as hard as you think.  In fact making room for people who will support and embrace you and want to play an active role in your life and/or career may be as simple as making room for them in your cadre of connections. 

You noticed I said make room for them.  Yes, unfortunately in order to make room for those quality people you want in your life you may just have to jettison some folks that just aren't doing it for you anymore. 

What do I mean by that?

When I say doing it for you I mean people who add value and play an active and contributory role in your life.  You know those people who celebrate your successes, encourage you when its needed, help you when you ask for it and provide continual unsolicited support.  They are your internal champions holding nothing but good thoughts for you and in the end want nothing but the same good things in return from you.

Get rid of the sapper zappers who do nothing but drain your time, your expertise, your friendship, your connections and ultimately your soul.  I suspect you know who these people are right now in your network.  They are the folks that make it always about them, never about you.  They are the people who want to "pick your brain" and steal your expertise.  They are the people that make you feel like a drained pool on a hot summer's day.

We all have them in our lives.  I've been blessed to have amazing connections in my life but even I stumble over and let an occasional sapper zapper into my inner sanctum sometime.  Hey I'm not impervious.

The real difference is when it becomes painfully obvious that I've let someone in that adds absolutely no value to my well being I figure out how to disentangle myself as quickly and as efficiently as I possibly can.  Does it feel uncomfortable?  At times.  Does it maybe hurt feelings?  Not nearly as many as you might think (sapper zappers will simply find another life form to start sucking the will of life out of).  Does it give you a bad reputation?  Perhaps...amongst the other sapper zappers who might want to one day darken your door (clearly not a bad thing if you ask me).

Bottom line, those people amongst your connections who aren't there to positively contribute to your life in any way shape or form need to go.  And until they do, they will be taking up the spot of someone who really wants to be there.

Think about it.

Ripple On!!!

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