Monday, April 19, 2010

Think Ripple Monday For Feel Good Friday

Here's something to think about on a Monday....Friday.  That's right Friday. 

What if you were to already imagine how amazing you are going to feel this Friday after knowing you spent an entire week making an impact in other people's lives.  That overwhelming sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as  you sit back, smile and you give yourself a virtual high five for a job well done.

Can you feel it?  You know you can.  It feels pretty good doesn't it? 

And it's only Monday!

Just've got an entire week ahead full of possibilities and people who need that extra push, that word of encouragement, that pat on the back or perhaps just that door opened for them.  Remember Ripples don't always have to change the world, they can be small actions you take which unbeknownst to you could be HUGE to someone else. 

It's your week so please spend it any way you want.  I'm just saying Friday might feel a whole lot better if on Monday you start willing it to be so.

Ripple On!!!

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