Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Fun: The Ripple Man Get's Spoofed

Wow two videos in two days?  Crazy huh?

The great thing about being a good connector is all the crazy friends you make a long the way.  Carlon Hass of Don't Step In The Poop fame is one of those crazy friends.  It seems that Mr. Haas couldn't resist making a little fun of my February episode of Ripple Speak.  Anyway, he's been bugging and bugging me to show this video to my readers so I have finally succumb to the the pressure. 

Check out the quite funny version of Ripple Speak:

Please note if the video doesn't work, try again in a bit.  The website seems to be a bit wonky. 

It's good to have friends that will make you laugh and not take yourself or the world so seriously.  Carlon definitely does that for me!

If you aren't reading his BLOG I would encourage you to check it out.  It is hilarious!

Have a fantastic Friday and as always...

Ripple On!!!

P.S. If you missed yesterday's post click here!

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