Thursday, February 04, 2010

Creating A Ripple Movement and I Need Your Help

As I fly back to Austin I've been jotting down all sorts of ideas, notes and wisps of inspiration.  Something about being stuck in a confined space for almost three hours to get my creative juices flowing.  In all seriousness I get so much thinking (which for me is work) done during a flight that I sort of wish I traveled a lot more.  It's peaceful and inspiring to be going several hundred miles an hour, seamlessly floating in and out of the clouds.  It makes me feel wild and free and is uniquely familiar.  Hmm maybe I was a bird in a past life or maybe just a windshield wiper of a big jet.  Who knows.

The Training Conference & Expo Conference was an incredible experience.  I enjoyed meeting tons of incredible people and sharing my Ripple message with that was so open and eager to hear what I said.  The best outcome for me would be to find some people that can see the long-term impact of my concept and they will want to apply my strategies and concepts to their work and throughout their own companies.  Keeping my fingers crossed on that and hoping I will be seeing some pretty big Ripples from the exposure this conference gave me. 

Well as I hurtle towards Austin --- hmmm maybe I shouldn't use the word hurtle eh? --- I am struck with several key ideas on how to take my Ripple Concept to the next level.  Just as I say in my book and almost in every speech I make, nothing happens in a vacuum - we all need people in order to make things happen in this world.  With that in mind I need people to help Ripple grow.  I need people like you and the people you associate with to help me create a Ripple movement.  That's the only way to get this thing to truly scale and I am asking for your help.

So over the next few months I am going to be putting out some requests for help.  These requests will be Ripples (actions, connections, ideas, etc.) that I need to make happen in order to see things advance.  I welcome your input, your guidance, thoughts and suggestions along the way.  In fact I need them now more than ever.  I want to see Ripple truly take off and I want the power of it to impact every man, woman and child on the planet - oh and I would be remiss if I left off company in the world too!  Lofty goals I know but in this day and age, lofty is good.  In fact it's damn good and it's the only way I seem to think these days.

Here's hoping you will join me.  Here's hoping you will find your own piece of Ripple that you can help share, promote, drive or create.  There's too much good that can come from The Ripple Effect to not get truly serious about ratcheting it up and taking it to the next level.  All I ask of you today is you think about it and if the spirit moves you bring a few people along to this BLOG, to the website, suggest they grab my book or drop me an email and let me know your ideas on how we can spread the message of the Ripple.

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