Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Who's In Your Accountability Circle?

I am not quite certain who said it but I have always gravitated towards the quote "A man's word is his bond." I remember my dad saying that to me a lot as a kid to remind me that a commitment made was a commitment honored. Clearly it stuck.

As I was running on the treadmill this morning I started thinking about that quote. I was proud of myself that I got out of bed at 5:15, went downstairs and worked out. I didn't particularly want to do it this morning - I haven't been sleeping all what well the last few nights and that warm comfy bed was doing it's best to keep me attached. I got up because I knew if I didn't I would be breaking my commitment to myself - to get healthy in 2010. Yes it was one of the things I decided to put laser focus on this year and so far so good.

As I sit hear sweating like a pig I feel like a million bucks. I know that when I see my friends around the office or on instant message today I can hold my head up high because I followed through on something they all know that I committed to do. You see they are part of my accountability circle.

Your accountability circle is your personal group of cheerleaders, supporters and encouragers (is that even a word?). They are the people with whom you share your most important goals, resolutions and intentions and if you've chosen wisely (that's a great line from what movie by the way?) they will be there to help you stay true to your commitment and follow through all the way to the end.

Accountability circles are important because they add that extra layer of unspoken obligation. They also offer magical voices that go off in your head when the alarm goes off saying get up dude you can do it - even when it's completely dark outside and the covers seem so much more inviting.

If you are like me you never want say you are going to do something and then never follow through. I never want to be that guy! Your accountability circle makes sure to help you follow through with the commitments you have made by asking you about your progress, giving you encouragement when you need it and giving you those much needed high fives when you've followed through or made significant progress. The role they play is significant both to you and to them.

If you made a goal, a resolution or set an intention for yourself for 2010 and you haven't begun sharing it verbally with others who will hold you accountable you should. Take the time to pick a few people right now and tell them you need them to be a part of your accountability circle. Their interest and their commitment to helping you achieve whatever it is you want to achieve will strengthen your relationship with them and it will help you stay the course. It has for me and with them in my corner rooting me on I know that I will make 2010 my healthiest year yet.

Ripple On!!!

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