Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Down With Power Networkers

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You've seen them. I've seen them. We've all seen them.

Power networkers.

You know those people that work the room at a networking function collecting cards like there's a prize at the end of the night. Asking salesy questions to "qualify" each person as a potential prospect for whatever borish product or service they may offer.

Their irritating approach. Their ridiculous thirty second elevator speech. Their insincere inquires about you and your business and why "you are so lucky they met you because they have something your business needs." And of course their insistent need to shove their business card in your face with an expectation you cough up yours. It is enough to make me want to toss my proverbial cookies just thinking about those posers.

They are like a rash you can't find an ointment for.

They are time, energy and soul sucking vampires.

They aren't ever interested in building relationships - that takes too much time and effort after all!

Power networkers don't get it. Never have and never will.

And they wonder why they have to rely so heavily on stalking their victims at a networking function.

If it sounds like I am being harsh on power networkers it's because I am. If you are a power networker I don't make any apologies but implore you to change! It's not too late. Seriously.. You need to know why people turn and run from you at the events you hang out at. You need to know that your business card lands in the trash can every time. You should know that your way of making business contacts doesn't work in today's relationship driven economy.

I think we should band together to eliminate power networkers. We should eradicate them from our midst (sorry power networker but I do mean you!). We should all band together and drive them out of our villages!

Who's with me? I have some extra flaming torches and a stack of business cards to entice them out of the rocks from where they dwell.

Come on we can do this!

Down with power networker! Down with power networkers! Down with power networkers!

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Anonymous said...

you shoulde be one, gain that power andmakeyour voice heard!!