Monday, December 07, 2009

Don't Follow The Poser

Let's say you are a little overweight and you want get yourself back into shape. You decide you are going to bite the bullet and get a trainer. You ultimately find one online. Impressed with the pictures of healthy ripped bodies on the guy's website you make arrangements to meet them at your local gym for an introductory session.

As visions of sculpted abs and a firmer butt dance around your imagination you notice an oddly dressed, overweight imitation of Richard Simmons walk in. You think to yourself at least I'm not that guy when suddenly he starts heading your way. With jelly dripping from his chin from the poor defenseless doughnut clutched between his chubby digits he greets you heartily and says, "I'm your new trainer are you ready to get to work?"

There are a lot of posers out there in the world.

Coaches that want to tell you how screwed up your life is when they haven't made their mortgage payment in three months.

Business consultants that want to give you the latest business advice in between their jaunts to look for a "real job."

Those "thought leaders" that want to create a communities around themselves to pray on the start-up wannabes or those who are desperate to network for their job.

Subject matter experts like social media gurus that have all the answers one web 2.0/3.0/4.0 because they know how to Tweet you and add you as a friend to their Facebook.

Posers...yep every single one of them.

Bottom line you wouldn't stick with a trainer that looks like he needs a forklift to get out of bed any more than you would take advice from a marriage counselor that has been married seven times. Yet every day so many us take our beat from these exact types of people. We follow them like sheep just because they have a good line, a sharp website or a well marketed program on audio CD.

Here's the deal, you should be questioning everything! Who you read. What you watch. Who you allow to influence your thinking. And whether the information that you are feeding your brain at the end of the day is benefiting you at all.

And the real question that you should be asking is does the person have my best interest at heart and if so, do they have the experience, the knowledge, the chutzpah to get me off my ass to accomplish more, learn more or achieve more? Or are they an overinflated, ego driven bullshit artist that talks a good game but when push really comes to shove and the fight is on, they'll jump on their three legged horse and head for the hills.

I can think of dozens of posers that have followings that simply amaze me. I don't begrudge these people because they have a bigger following than I do, actually I am sort of amazed by them and a bit sad for their followers. You see in the end I would rather influence one or two people along the way, with good stuff, good material and with a heartfelt intention to make a difference, than to sucker people in with gimmicks, overinflated promises and in the end deliver nothing of value.

We all have a finite time on this planet. I submit that your time is your most valuable asset. Be careful how and with whom you invest it in because as we both know you can never get it back.

Don't squander it following the expert poser that is all hat and no cattle!

Ripple On!!!

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