Thursday, November 19, 2009

From The Perspective Of A Shy Introvert Part 4

The Conversation Ride Actually Won't Start Without You

For those of us who have a hard time engaging and connecting with new people, the prospect of actually walking up to a complete stranger can be terrifying. Whether it's meeting people at a networking event or striking up a conversation with a complete stranger at Starbucks, putting one's self out there like that can cause a great deal of stress and nervousness. Especially for those of us who are shy and introverted.

I know some people who break out in sweats just thinking about having to engage someone new. I must admit, I have been known to do the same from time to time. But here's the thing, most people are genuinely nice and almost none of them bite. Most are more than willing to have a conversation with you and are actually desperate for you to make the first move. As strange as it sounds, they are actually hoping you will say something, anything to get the conversation ball moving.

Listen my contention and this comes from experience is that most people are open to meeting someone new and interesting like you and me. Does that mean opening your mouth and having something to say is any easier? well yes, it actually does!

You see the odds are in your favor. If most people are just waiting for someone else to talk to them and you can offer a warm smile, a "good morning" or some other easy way to kick off the conversation well most people will gladly punch their ticket and buckle in to see where the ride will take them. As crazy as it might seem, you my friend are needed out there in the world to get the conversation started. So really the pressure isn't on you its on "them!" That's right the pressure is all on them to be lucky enough to have crossed your path, caught your attention and appeared interesting enough for you to want to open your mouth and say something to them. That's where the ride really begins.

So go out there in the world and realize that fun of the ride for these people won't start until you start the engine. People want you to break out of your shell --- hell need you to break out of your shell otherwise the fun and possibilities of where this ride might take them will never be realized. They will be left still unengaged and uninvolved at the platform and who in the heck wants that!?! So really you have a duty to help THEM out and you know as well as I do, when we are put in a position to help, our shy introvert characteristics somehow magically disappear.

Oh and the really cool thing is there is already a full line of anxiously awaiting people just wanting to have their turn to take the ride with you. Don't disappointment them will ya!

Ripple On!!!

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