Thursday, September 17, 2009

Score One In The Life Lessons Learned Category

Yesterday I found myself faced with a rather daunting dilemma. A situation that I was placed in squarely put me in an uncomfortable position; one in which I was deliberating contemplating going back on a commitment I had given.

Those of you who know me know that my word is my bond. I won't ever commit to doing something that I am not 100% committed to. The older I get the more stogy I become about such things. I hold myself accountable and of course hold others (who want to deal with me) to that same level of accountability as well. What can I works for me.

However yesterday I found myself faced with a situation where it seemed like what I had committed to wasn't exactly the way things were actually going to work out. There were some dropped balls (not by me) and a series of unfortunate assumptions about expectations that had not been met. The situation when I looked at it head on sent me off in quite a tizzy and lead me to consider not following through with a commitment I had made.

This is where life throws us curve balls to make it interesting.

Yes some things didn't quite happen like they should have. And yes, things could have been handled a bit differently. I had all the right in the world to put up my hand and say No! But sometimes even Mr. Ripple has to understand that life isn't perfect and things happen that are out of his control.

I could have really created a bad Ripple for myself yesterday by not following through with my commitment. I could have created quite a stir by deciding to pout and take my toys home. I knew in my heart that things weren't exactly right but then when does life always go according to plan? Perhaps that's what I was supposed to remember in all of this.

As I drove home last night and thought about the events of the day I realized that everything had gone better than I could have ever expected. That particular situation worked out, it was tremendously successful and I found myself laughing at the craziness I could have caused by crying over a little spilt milk. In fact that single event propelled me to have an even better event later on that night.

Score 1 for the life lessons learned category.

I learned that no matter how bad a situation may appear you never really know unless you drop yourself squarely in the middle of it to find out (hmmm sort of like a stone in the middle of a Ripple!). You may just be the catalyst for making that bad thing be better. Yeah even I forget that from time to time. Thanks life for reminding me.

Ripple On!!!

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