Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Your Double Feature

I was probably ten years old and out of school for the summer. My mom had signed me up for movie camp with all of my buddies. It was held on a weekday and we would be dropped off for four to five glorious hours of movies, popcorn and unlimited soft drink refills. To a ten year old kid it seemed like a summer oasis far from the rigors of school, chores and the piercing heat outside.

Each week the theater showed "surprise" features. We were guaranteed at least one great movie and we usually had to sit through some so so or outright sucky movie before we could get to the the really great one. I remember those anxious moments as we thankfully exhaled when the first movie was over and we waited for the movies to be changed and the "great" movie reel to begin spinning. It was exciting and almost cathartic to get through the bad ones because we knew we would be treated to something spectacular if only we were patient.

That summer I fell in love with Herbie The Love Bug, James Bond, a plethora of great Disney adventure movies and even some old, old movie serials from the fifties and sixties that they showed. My buddies hated those but I sort of liked their campy style and hyped action. But I digress.

I remember the week's movies provided endless fodder for me and my pals as we hotly debated what the next week's selections might be. It was fun and brings back a lot of great memories. Until today I hadn't really thought of that summer and the concept of a double feature since movie theaters don't do them any longer. The memory was only sparked by a single lyric in an unknown song on my iPod. The song and artist isn't important but maybe the thought it sparked while I rode my bike this morning might be.

What if we were to view our lives today like my buddies and I viewed the movies way back when? What if we were to look at no matter where you were before today, that was the first feature in this double feature movie we call your life. Even if the first showing held mystery and suspense, adventure and intrigue maybe the really good part of what lies ahead for you has yet to quite play out on your silver screen? What if today is that reel change and this slight intermission is your wake-up call and reminder that the really great part of this double feature is about to begin? Would you be as excited as a couple of ten year old boys wide-eyed and wondering what was coming next?

Would you sit a little straighter?
Pay a little closer attention?
Let your imagination run wild with thoughts of what is about to happen?
Allow your heart to race a little bit faster as the excitement begins to unfold?

I realize I took a look time and a lot of build up to get to one specific point but I make no apologies. Those memories and the ideas it sparked rolling around in my head this morning really got me thinking. What if yesterday and all the days that came before this one were just the first part of the movie? What if the really good stuff lies ahead in the second feature of our lives. After all it's a double feature ya know!?!

I've got my popcorn ready. My seat slightly tilted back. The curtain is slowly opening up and the familiar click of the projector is just beginning to come to life. It's time to settle in and see what great feature their gonna show us.

Ripple On!!!

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