Friday, June 19, 2009

Are You Above The Line In Your Relationships?

At any given point in any relationship we hold a status.

That status could be above the line which means we are proactively taking steps and making effort to deepen, strengthen and grow the relationship.

That status might be towing the line which means the relationship is sort of stuck in neutral neither growing nor backsliding.

Or the status in some relationships might be below the line which means no active steps are being taken by either party to maintain, much less expand, the relationship. As you can imagine below the line is bad news for a relationship because it means it is likely in the process of dying.

I created this quick and dirty reference system to help people make a quick assessment of their relationship status. It's no coincidence that it happens to correspond with the stop light. The colors mean something and hold as much relevance to how you drive your car as to how you should drive your relationships.

Ripple Point To Ponder

Write down ten connections you have in your network. Now list out where your relationship with those connections fall on the line. Next, decide if where the relationship falls is commensurate with your expectations for where you want to see this relationship go. Perhaps status quo or towing the line is just fine with you...maybe it isn't.

Remember Grasshopper just because a relationship is headed a particular direction right now does not mean that you can not proactively alter it's course tomorrow.

Ripple On!!!

Does your organization struggle with how to build better relationships either internally or externally? I've developed an entire training seminar around key points like the relationship status line and leveraging the power of the Ripple to build better, stronger relationships for companies. Drop me a line at or give me a call at 512-577-3700 if you think your company would benefit.

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