Monday, May 18, 2009

Take New Trails

Last week I was chugging along and ventured onto the new hike and bike trail extension that had opened earlier this year. Despite a limited time to ride in the mornings I anxiously wanted to see where this new path would lead - heck I passed it a dozen or so times since it officially opened. As I peddled into my new adventure what I found was an incredibly beautiful new path full of great little hills, big trees and a a whole host of wildlife which I am sure came out to greet only me.

The trail was long and without any sense of how far it went I continued to peddle. My head said I needed to stop and turn around - this little adventure was playing havoc with my typically militant schedule. Despite a bit of initial trepidation, I refused to let the pull of my "need to get home" overcome my sense of exploration.

The harder I peddled the more amazing the morning seem to become. The sun was just coming up and there was a gentle coolness hanging in the air. The smell of dew on the grass and a area full of wild flowers filled my nose with a sweet pleasant aroma (and I was quite certain a delayed allergy attack). It felt like the morning had been created just for me and it was an incredible feeling.

I rode until I found the end of the trail and then I turned back, slowly, disappointed that the journey was over. As I began to peddle back towards home my thoughts turned to my initial hesitancy to venture down the new path. I thought about how initially my mind crept to my lack of time - I had a thousand things that needed to be done. I thought about how I hadn't built into my schedule extra time for an extended ride. I thought about my initial concern about going down a trail I had never been down before.

Then it hit me. This trail, this ride and my decision to take the new path had been offered to me was both a gift and as a lesson. You see unless we shake out of our "typical ways of doing things" and take a different look, try a different approach or do things in a different way, we will never grow beyond where we are right here right now.

So my friends on this fine Monday morning....take new trails...create new adventures...learn new things....and push yourself beyond your "typical." A world of amazement awaits you.

Ripple On!!!

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Seth n Melissa said...

reminds me of the old saying "stop and smell the roses" Melissa