Thursday, May 28, 2009

Overwhelming Love & Support

I have finally found an opportunity to get away from my parent's house and grab a cup of coffee and spend some time reading the literally hundreds of emails, Facebook messages and Twitter Tweets offering prayers and well wishes for me and my family. To say that I have been overwhelmed by the love and the support would truly be an understatement! Dad shed a few tears today as I shared with him just how many of you have reached out. He was truly touched as was I by the outpouring.

I have no idea what the richest guy in the world must feel like but right now I am rather certain I am way more wealthy because of the people I am lucky enough to have in my life. Without a doubt these past few days have showed me how truly rich and fortunate I am.

I simply had to say thank you for that!

I hope to craft a more "normal" BLOG post in the coming days but right now I am emotionally spent and words other than thank you are hard to come by. So I leave you today with just this....

Thank you for coming into my life. The love and support that so many of you have showed me reaffirms that my choice to pursue Ripple in the ways that I have not only was a good decision but truly is my calling.

Hugs and Ripples to each of you from Albuquerque.

Ripple On!!!

P.S. Mom's (Janet EillenHarper) obituary in case you are interested in reading it can be found at:

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