Wednesday, March 25, 2009

RippleTag Facebook Application Released

I am excited to announce that my team and I have launched our first Ripple Connection Application for Facebook. RippleTag takes the Ripple Connection Question concept to an entirely new level making it fun and easy to connect with your Facebook friends.

In today's online world many of us make new acquaintances at an alarming rate. Whether it be with our latest Twitter post or the old playground mate that we once hug out with at the monkey bars in elementary school or that long lost co-workers of yester year. We still fail to do little more than send or casually accept friend requests. Aside from the obligatory "catch me up on what's been going on in your world" many of us have a hard time figuring out how to engage at a deeper more meaningful level. We still lack the fundamental ability to really connect with our "friends."

That is why we created RippleTag! The app is designed to help you connect and learn more about those friends you want to know or just know bettter. By using questions that are fun to ask and fun to answer, you will hopefully discover what I call Connection Points - those little bite size morsels of information you might never discover on your own. It's through those Connection Points that you find commonalities, shared interests and future dialogue jumping off points which will inevitably accelerate and grow your relationships.

I can barely contain the excitement for what I think is a pretty cool little application. I have high hopes that you will check out RippleTag use and let us know what you think!

Here's the link:

Now go forth and Ripple On!!!

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