Friday, March 06, 2009

[Ripple Bites] # 4

Small little bite size thoughts to
consider and implement from the Ripple Guy

Colgate or Crest? Know Your Why!!!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending several outstanding sessions at RISE 2009. One of those sessions was by good friend and fellow author Kimberlie Dykeman. Kimberlie if you don't know need to! She is an incredible ball of energy that will fast track your thinking and get you focused on moving your life in the direction it needs to be headed.

One of the pearls that Kimberlie shared yesterday was pure genius. She asked, "Do you choose Colgate or Crest?" She used this very simply but relevant example to explain that you need to know your why in everything you do.

Why do you pick Colgate over Crest? Because it tastes better.
Why do you promote Rippling? Because I know that it has the power to change the world.
Why are you an entrepreneur? Because I love the challenge of making something out of nothing.
Why are you always smiling? Because I have a blessed life full of family and friends.

We all have choices in life. No really we do! If we don't understand the why in the things that we do, the choices that we make, the companies we work for, etc. then it might be time to reevaluate the lives we are leading.

Great advice and a perfect Ripple Bite to chew on over this weekend. Thanks Kimberlie! You were outstanding yesterday!

Kimberlie's book Pure Soap Box is an inspiring journey of quippy quotes, thought provoking ideas and downright fun. You can order it by clicking here:

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