Monday, March 16, 2009

How Ripple On Came About

I recently received an email from a fan of my book asking what Ripple On meant. Great question....

It was May 2005 - my book launch. To this day the event seemed to be a dream in which I was merely an observer rather than a participant. Though honestly, I can remember it like it was yesterday. People were drinking wine and beer (usually not at the same time) and connecting and having a great time. I remember this overwhelming sense of accomplishment that washed over me as if to say..."You finally did it Steve!"

After giving some remarks about the book and the inspiration behind it, I settled in to sign copies that were being sold that evening. I was jazzed to say the least that anyone would care, much less want to buy something I had written. I was both proud and scared...what if they didn't like it?

As the stack grew in size and people formed a line to get their copy, I began to panic a bit. I have never autographed anything in my life. My signature is barely discernible on a good day but besides that I knew it was customary to put a little blurb to personalize it for the reader. My mind raced feverishly as to something authorly to say.

Then it hit me.

Ripple On!!!!

Like a bolt of lightening the inspiration struck and my entire body grew electric.

I sat up straighter.

I smiled a little broader.

I felt a whole lot more confident.

A metamorphosis began to take place.

The Ripple was here and it was mine to share with the world.

The words that I had written were merely a suggestion of a world of possibility and that possibility was finally here.

I knew at that moment that Ripple On was and would be forever my signature line - my coin phrase. It was and still is the great foundation of what I hope to offer in terms of inspiration and hope for those who live personally and professionally by Rippling.

Ripple On inspires you, the reader, the follower, the doer, the creator, the yet undefined to go out and make difference. It reminds us that every day every single action we take has the power to create Ripples and that we should absolutely seize those opportunities and keep the Ripples flowing.

So I say as you begin this week.....

Ripple On and make this one of your best weeks ever!!!

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