Wednesday, February 11, 2009

[Ripple Bites] #2

Small little bite size thoughts to
consider and implement from the Ripple Guy

"I don't have time to make friends, I have a quota to make!"

I get this a lot from people who hear my opposite approach to traditional networking. I don't mean to appear unsympathetic to the whole quota thing but forcing yourself on someone you've just met at a networking event is like trying to go for a home run on that first date. It rarely works and the tactless approach does little to get your quota or budget number met. I mean seriously do you like to do business with people who act like that. I know I sure don't!

For those of you who are carrying a budget, needing to make a quota or simply trying to make payroll, my Ripple approach is not some secret magic formula designed to help you get business. Let's face it, anyone who is out there telling you they have the super secret way to accelerate the building of your business relationships is probably selling snake oil and prime Arizona coastal property on the side too!

Building strong foundational based relationships take time. Ripple is about creating genuine, human-intentioned relationships that tend to offer more than just a signature on a purchase order or a commitment to do business right here, right now. No, Ripple offers the prospect of a never ending well of business if you first take the time to grow it right.

Think the pressures you are facing now might not seem so desperate and insurmountable had you started this process last year. Start today so you don't have the same issue and pressure this time next year.

Oh and quota guy or gal, you try your approach and I will continue to Ripple mine and let's see who ends up with not only the business results that are needed but countless friends, evangelists and fans along the way.

Ripple On!!!

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