Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spotlight Ripple: Sonya Davis

I am excited to feature good friend, collaborator and fellow Rippler Sonya Davis as today's guest BLOGGER in an effort to create a Ripple for her upcoming event: Marketing The Feminine Way. Sonya and I recently met at her new space Soma Vida, a unique collaborative work, life balance space she and partner Laura Shook created in downtown Austin. Sonya not only lives the Ripple principals that I teach but through her new venture, workshops and collaborative efforts is showing others the real power of connection and community.

Sonya and her partner regularly host workshops like the one she is featuring in her post as well opportunities to cowork and connect in their unique facility. More about Sonya and Laura as well as information about Soma Vida can be found at:

It is all about community and connection. Rippling is the most effective way to build relationships and community and is one of the methods I recommend for Marketing the Feminine Way™. Marketing the Feminine Way™ is a set of tools and techniques that help you put your authentic self into your marketing and that real connection creates your brand. The Ripple allows you to take away your business identity and connect with someone authentically. The reason it works is because through that real connection you create magic, and those connections turn into customers, sales, friendships and community. I often illustrate in my workshop and one-on-one coaching how disconnected our marketing is from our true essence. It is no wonder that most marketing is ineffective, because you can't feel the heart and soul of the company. It is that unique essence that obliterates the idea of competition. No one can be you and no two companies can really be alike, but most people don't know how to effectively communicate who they are in person or in their marketing materials. They spend a lot of money to sound like everyone else and get no return on their investment. The Ripple like Marketing the Feminine Way™ is so great, because it is all about getting a return on your investment. All you have to do is just be real.

What do you think?

The Marketing the Feminine Way workshop is February 7th, 1pm - 6pm at Soma Vida and you can register at

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Pam Narvaez said...

I am so excited to attend this upcoming workshop. Sonya is a master coach and I look forward to growing my business by applying her methods. Don't miss out on this amazing workshop!

Pam Narvaez
Direct Effect Coaching