Friday, December 12, 2008

Do More Good Things

The other day I had the opportunity to speak to roughly 300 association executives about the Ripple concept and how it could be leveraged to help them build their personal and professional networks the right way. I felt really good about the speech and the feedback I received from those in attendance afterward seemed to indicate the message had been on point.

One of the things that struck me was a conversation with a man after I got off stage. He came up to tell me how much he appreciated my approach to connecting and that my words had really touched his heart. He said that he tries to do things in a similar fashion and that my words only further inspired him to want to do more. His heartfelt comments meant a lot to me.

What more can he do if he already considers himself a self-proclaimed Rippler? Well I shared one bit of advice that I left with that audience that I think may help propel someone like this man a bit further in his quest and maybe it will you too?


I have been amazed at how that little bit of advice when followed, can literally open the flood gates of more good things coming back to me. It's the law of the Ripple. The more good things that you do the more good things that will come back to you. Maybe not always in ways that we expect but that's okay too. If we consciously look for opportunities to impact someone else, we ourselves will be impacted.

It's worked for me. It can work for you too. Trust me. Try it and see for yourself!

In the mean time....

Ripple On!!!

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carianne said...

Creating a ripple for one person every day is a great bit of advice! It will certainly keep me ultra aware of the people in my surroundings. I think that could be a fun endeavor to commit to. I think I will take it on with a slight twist...if I can't ripple for someone because I work alone much of the time, I can do something for someone that will impact them. And it will give me a more focused way of scattering joy in the world which of course will nurture my spirit! Many thanks.