Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Steve Turkey

Not really sure why when I filmed this video why I became an Irish turkey but hey I just went with it! It's my first foray into video using my new Mac Book Pro which I hope to incorporate in a more serious (and sometimes fun) way to deliver my Ripple message.

Anyway....hope it makes you smile. Be sure to turn up your volume!

Have a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

(Can't see video - click here)


Anonymous said...

Steve Turkey,

Well you have to be the cutest turkey I have ever seen. Thanks for the smile this morning.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Mr. Ripple!!!


terri said...

Ok... I'm not even supposed to be doing personal internet stuff at work (but figured your blog might be an exception because it's got such valuable advice for the corporate world.) But I snuck a peek here today and am trying not to laugh too loudly! That was awesome! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Steve!

Sue said...

Oh my! That was AWESOME! hahahahaha I love it!

Ms. Q said...

Glad Sue recommended your blog - this video of yourself - whacky and I like whacky!

Irish Turkey - hehehehe!

carianne said...

Late in watching, but OMG ...thank you for the laugh today!