Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Santa's Advice That Still Works Today

I still remember sitting on Santa's lap, I must have been five or six years old at the time. My heart pounding. My mind racing. All eyes were on me as I sat there overwhelmed by the moment. The picture taking elf yelling at me, "Hurry up little boy! Tell Santa what you want and smile for the camera!" To this day I believe she mouthed a damn it as she raised the camera for the shot. If you've ever seen the movie A Christmas Story that elf exists and for a period of time she was working in Albuquerque, New Mexico I can assure you.

Anyway....there I was. Trying to not to wet myself while I asked Santa for the one gift I really, really wanted: a train set. After some Ho Ho prompting, I asked. His eyes widened. A decidedly sharp smile crept out from behind his billowy white mustache. His hand raised to pat me on the head and he said, "Excellent choice son. You know the best way to get that train is just to ask for it. Ask Santa. Ask your mommy. Tell everyone you want that train and perhaps if you're a good little boy, someone will help you get it."

I smiled. He smiled. It was a real special moment.....right up until I was ripped from Santa's knee like a fruit roll up from it's plastic wrapper. The evil efl snarled as she gave me a candy cane, a broken one I might add, and literally pushed out of the North Pole landscape like a drunkerd out the back door of a bar.

Alone I sat in my buster brown pants waiting for my mom to retrieve me. Santa's words ringing in my ears as visions of a killer train pervaded my thoughts.

Santa....my first motivational mentor.

Not only did I receive that train but a valuable lesson as well. In order to get what you want in life you have to tell someone what you want and perhaps maybe, just maybe if your a good little boy or girl they will help you. That it! It worked when I was a young lad and continues to work for me today. Not only did I receive that Santa Fe Burleson Rail Road that Christmas but Santa's valuable lesson has landed me everything from the job of my dreams, to the woman I would marry and of course the book that somehow someway brought you and I together on this very day.

So what do you want that are you aren't telling people about? Maybe, just maybe, they can help you get it. Start asking today and who knows what you mind find under your tree next month!

Ripple On!!!

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