Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Connecting Works

Today I sit in my hotel room in Sunnyvale, California prepping for two days of meetings with both Google and Yahoo. In large part these meeting and subsequent opportunities came from the very words that I preach day in and day out on this BLOG.

Simply put....connecting works.

Both of these meetings came from my ability to shortcut the typical transparency of most business associations and establish real connection with the people out here. I took the time to create real inroads and lay the groundwork in hopes of creating more than just connection with my intended audience. The investment I made in both time and effort I believe is the foundational piece which insures a strong and fruitful relationship.

Who is that brass ring connection you want and need to make?

It is possible to make that connection you know?

What are you waiting for?

Come on....go for it! You just never know where that journey may take you.

Look no further than me for proof of that.

Ripple On!!!

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Suebs said...

I'm still not getting updates.. neither in reader nor the email that I subscribe through feedburner. hrm. Anyway, about today's post...

I saw a program today on Google's rise and it reminded me of you and your ripple effect. I see how rippling works these days. It's awesome.