Friday, September 19, 2008

More Fodder On The Dangers Of The Web

It seems the timing of my post about guarding one's online reputation was spot on perfect.  The Wall Street Journal ran a story just yesterday discussing how social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook are having an impact on college applicants.

To read the article click here.

Have a great weekend and of course as always....

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Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

This is a very telling line from that story...the last lines in fact:

""Students need to be accountable for their actions," says Scott Anderson, director of college guidance at St. George's Independent School, a private school near Memphis, Tenn. When writing on Facebook or MySpace, he says, they should be thinking, "Is this something you want your grandmother to see?""

Here's the problem with this thinking...there are things that are perfectly acceptable to your grandmother, but they can get you passed over for a job or college scholorships. Specifically, if you have political things, and I'm not talking about blasting political opposites, but just a statement that you support candidate "X", there are some people that will use that knowledge to place you lower than someone else.

Now, if that happens to me, even though I won't know it did, I'll know that I have been blessed, because I wouldn't want to work with anyone that off base, but when you don't know that that is the reason, it's frustrating.

I've solved that problem by using pseudonyms whenever I discuss religion or politics online. I'm not ashamed of my beliefs, I just realize that others that have some form of control over my life may not agree.

Ripple On Steve,

Kevin said...

hi steve,
excellent point again. i remember reading about this recently on your blog.

i think yours was the blog that said that a professional association was severed because you or somebody you knew was soooooo awful and cruel and unprofessional and insulting, i think on twitter. i think i read this on yours. i hope i got that right. i read a lot, so i don't remember for sure if it was you.

but i loved the point and the reminder. this internet/blog thing is a fun hobby for me, but i strive to stay true to my core with anything i write publically.

know what i mean?

i am not cruel and heartless on the blogs or in my life here, too. and it is totally unnecessary to be that way anywhere.

thanks for adding me to your twitter thingy, too. i don't have much time, i stay so busy with my worklife and my outside interests. and i totally enjoy reading and writing blogs when i can, but i gotta tell you, i totally respect your blog, your point of view, your attitude.

you write and share with honor and i can admire that in anyone and i do admire that in you. i have been reading your blog for a little while but i have not always commented. but everything i have read on your blog has touched me in some way usually.

i just now subscribed to your reader feeder thing because i want to get the email alert when you post. i only am subscribed to a couple of feeds like that because i don't want my inbox drowned with EVERYTHING. make sense.

just had to come by and tell you that i love what you are doing here.

thanks for sharing things in such a positive way.

you inspire me.

with respect,
kathleen (or kathleenybeany hehe) in anchorage alaska

yes, ripple on.

everything we do rubs off on others in some way ... and i prefer the good rub offs. that sounds funny. i think you know what i mean.

thanks again for the add to twit. i was glad you did that because i have been enjoying your blog and your attitude for some time now.

opps, sorry for the super long comment (but i love comments, good ones hehe) ... but you got me on a roll here and i just felt like saying what i really feel about how you have inspired me more than once already. i look forward to continuing to read your blog.

PS. i am a friend of sue's and she is why i first came across your blog ... because she pointed me to a post of yours that she liked. said...

wow steve, sorry, didn't mean to write you a book there.

but i just wanted you to know that i like what you are doing here and everytime i visit your blog, i am better for it.

make sense?

so, good day to you, beany :)