Friday, September 05, 2008

Jelly Helps Make New Friends & Connections

Imagine working in a place where everyone around you was enthusiastic, excited and totally jazzed. Now imagine that all of the people around you bring a unique blend of experience, entrepreneurship and incredible passion for the various projects that they are working on. Their unique energy, skills and specialized knowledge and experience is there and available for you to call upon at a moments notice. Sounds pretty cool right?

Brian Massey, my friend and self-proclaimed Conversion Scientist, first told me about just such an environment where people gather in a casual coworking environment called Jelly. He and I were scheduled to meet for a catch up coffee and he suggested that we meet at the weekly Jelly being held in North Austin. What I found that day and since is an incredible network of interesting people, working on interesting stuff and having a good time doing it....together.

Jelly groups are popping up all over the country and attracting all sorts of people -not just hardcore programmers and web developers. In fact more people are utilizing Jelly as a way to demo their wares, test new ideas, discover collaborative partners and complementary projects and stimulate a whole new way of working.

Coworking offers a unique blend of collaboration, innovation and yes, connection. The people you will meet at Jelly are likely people you would never discover on the happy hour circuit or at your local chamber luncheon. These people are edgy. They people are serious. These people are going places.

I find the people that I have encountered so far to be both motivating and inspirational - helping me breathe new life and drive into my own professional ambitions. The enthusiasm and creativity at work when you go to Jelly is truly something magical and it can only help stimulate your own creative juices and forward momentum. Plus the ability to share a cup of coffee and a quick conversation about a new project, a difficult problem or simply a common interest has the potential to create Ripples beyond imagination. Jelly makes it easy to find and make new connections and as you all know, I'm all for that!

Check out Jelly's main website and their wiki to see if there's a Jelly in your city. If there's not, there's instructions on how to get your own Jelly started. I'm also including a video about the whole Jelly experience too.

Hope to Ripple with you are a Jelly soon!!!

What is Jelly? from Amit Gupta on Vimeo.

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