Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crayon Challenge

For those of you who know me you know I am a super huge fan of Crayons. Not because I am an awesome drawer or even a decent colorer for that matter, in fact so far from it. No I am a fan of crayons for the simple, yet amazing power, of what they offer to us as adults. Holding a brand new box of Crayons instantly takes you back to a time and a place in your life where life was simpler.

The bright rainbow of colors that are offered to you when you open a fresh box, is there anything more beautiful? The slenderness of the crayon as you hold it between your fingers. The gentle waxy aroma that fills your nose and lifts your spirits. The power of the crayon instantly draws you back to a time when you were just a kid, everyone was your friend and the world was full of possibilities. What's not to love about that?

When I do a training or present an 8 Minute Ripple I often have white paper and crayons near by and I ask my audience to do pre-engagement exercise by drawing. I usually give them a little guidance by suggesting they draw their favorite super hero or draw themselves accomplishing their biggest goal in the next five years. Almost everyone has the same reaction. "Crayons? You must be kidding!"


When people allow themselves to get beyond their own egos and they start pulling crayons out of the box something magical happens. They change. They open their mind. They reconnect with their imagination. They start smiling. They start to remember what it was like the last time they held this little piece of possibility in their hand. They start drawing. They start having fun. They stop worrying about how it looks or what others might think; mainly because everyone else is now coloring too.

They let their guard down and become more open to the possibilities of what is about to be shared with them.

We usually end each training or Ripple with everyone sharing what they have drawn with the group. To say some real masterpieces are created would be an understatement. It becomes like show and tell for big people, but really it's the kid in each of them that really tends to shine through. People share and engage on a level that is so much more meaningful and the connections that are made are quite simply fantastic.

Want to have some fun? Take the crayon challenge. Right now school supplies are cheap! You can pick up a box of 64 Crayons at virtually any store for next to nothing. Go today and pick up some Crayons, pull out a sheet of white copy paper and let your imagine run free.

Need something to draw to get yourself started....

Draw yourself achieving your proudest accomplishment as a kid!

If you have the ability to scan it - email it to me. steve AT ripplecentral DOT com - I will post any and all on my Flickr account.

Have some fun and as always.....

Ripple On!!!


Sue said...

Oooh, I get to color?!

I love coloring! You make me want to sit the kids down and color!

Anonymous said...

What? No other people have commented on this post?

Steve....excellent idea. Having been the benefactor of one of your Crayon Ripples let me tell you the people I met and the conversations that were started simply from the drawings were outstanding and amazing. Many of them continue today - months after I attended your event.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to my next Ripple.