Monday, July 14, 2008

I So Needed This

The cool mountain breezes blow through the high mountain pines illuminating the air with an incredibly fresh piney aroma. The pounding Conejos River flows with a powerful roar that somehow doesn't seem loud but rhythmically harmonic. I drop my fly in with a perfect cast just upstream and only half watch as the fly quickly floats over the bumbled white and blue surface. I am at total peace and I smile to myself and think I so needed this.

For me life has been crazy as of late. I have been focused so heavily on a number of projects including new book ideas, my new CEO role with MxToolBox and of course my various Ripple trainings and attracting new speaking opportunities. There is no doubt that burning the candle at both ends has begun to affect me in ways I didn't necessarily realize. I so needed this.

Late Saturday afternoon Zachary, my dad and I dressed in our rubber waders, wandered into a nearby lake. The panoramic view of the amazing valley that the lake flowed into truly took my breath away. Zach looked up to me, wanting to prove he is my big little man and nudges up to me in the water and says, "thanks for bringing me dad." I hug him and try and hold back a small tear. His words truly warm my heart but offer a gentle but obvious reminder that my focus on "my stuff" should never take more of a priority over him and Josh. I so needed this.

I looked over at my dad and smiled. He smiles back. My brother wandered out to the same spot on the lake and for the first time four different Harper men are wetting a line. I find myself wishing Josh wasn't back at the cabin though no doubt he is having a blast playing with his cousins and getting all the attention. The time I had to make to join my family for this semi-family reunion suddenly seems so irrelevant. I so needed this.

These past few days have been incredible...stressful as they have been at times. Family and close quarters I suspect do that to most anyone. I just couldn't believe how much I needed this trip to the mountains. I needed it to remind me to be a better dad. I needed it to remind me to be a better husband. I needed it to remind to be a better son and brother. I also needed it just for me. I needed to recharge the old batteries. I needed the break so that I can refocus and begin prioritizing on those things that need my time and attention. I so needed this.

As we settled into a cabin today in Northern Colorado I find myself relaxed and with an ever-present smile on my face. The Adirondack chairs that sit on both the front and back porch are calling my name. I look forward to settling in and watching the kids do a little climbing on the massive rocks that sit just off the left side of our cabin. With cold beer in hand and Josh climbing up on the chair next to me to give me one his Joshy kisses, I smile....I so needed this.

Ripple On!!!

P.S. Blogging may be a little sparse this week. Hope you don't mind.


terri said...

Go! Enjoy your break! Don't even think of blogging out of obligation. You so deserve this.

PRINCE RAHMAN, msole said...

Beautiful, my friend... absolutely beautiful!!


Thank you for sharing the gift of your experiences.

Rami said...

What a wonderful experience my friend! Enjoy your time and as Terri said "don't even think of blogging"

We love you

Tom Magness said...


Beautiful posts. You made me realize...I SO need a vacation! Thanks! TM