Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ripple Challenge

I am officially back from a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend spent in El Paso celebrating the grand reopening of Rosa's Cantina (see last post). It was a fun weekend filled with many laughs, unbelievably good authentic Mexican food and of course, my favorite, many cold beers. It was a great time and my wife, kids and I really enjoyed spending time with my folks, my brother and his wife and of course the proud owners of Rosa's Cantina, my sister and brother-in-law.

Congratulations Debbie and Adolpho for both a successful weekend and the incredible job you have done making Rosa's a great restaurant and bar. Marty Robbins would be proud no doubt!

On to today's BLOG post....

So this week I want to suggest a challenge. I talk often on this BLOG about the importance of connecting with others and why it so critical to not overlook the people who cross your path in life. I get positive comments, emails and have many wonderful conversations about the topic but it still makes me wonder how many of you are actually out putting my advice and suggestions to actual use. Which of course got me thinking......

Why not challenge you to go out and connect this week. Simple. Easy. Straightforward.

So here's the deal:

I want you to make a conscious effort to make some sort of connection with two complete strangers this week. That's it! Simple enough right? The only rules are you must engage this stranger in a conversation that lasts longer than two minutes. You must get the person's full name and reveal your name to them as well. You must stay away from the sucker subjects and questions surrounding what they do for a living or where they go/went to school. You must legitimately ask some sort of insightful question (perhaps do a search at the top of this BLOG for Ripple Connection Questions) and obtain at least one meaningful piece of information about said stranger.

Think you are up to the challenge?

Well take the Ripple Challenge and see if by stepping outside your box to engage someone else doesn't make their day and yours. Feel free to email me at steve at ripplecentral dot com or post via a comment to this BLOG post the outcome and results of your challenge.

Come on people....it's time to quit being a passive watcher of life and get in the game and start playing. The very connection you make might open up a world of possibilities for you, your life and your career. Not a bad upside eh?

Good luck and happy connecting!

Ripple On!!!


CJ said...

I'll do it. I'm in.

Sue said...

I tried, I failed. Hahaha. It was, shall we say, a learning experience.

The question "What inspires you?" really did open up a floodgate, however. I couldn't believe how vocal the taciturn become when asked this question.

Steve Harper said...


Sweet! You do it every day anyway!


Don't make me come Ripple with you because you know if I do....you will have to have the shot glassed full of the good stuff!

Ripple On You Two!!!