Thursday, April 10, 2008

My San Francisco Adventure - Continued

For those of you who checked in via email and phone to insure I had made it home safely from San Francisco...thank you! No I was not forcefully caught up in the Olympic Torch protests. I didn't accidentally get left behind on Alcatraz. I wasn't still locked in my room or in the elevator because I didn't know how to get my card to give me access to freedom. The conference I was speaking at didn't love me that much that they wouldn't let me go home. No...yesterday was just plain busy and I didn't have a spare moment to do a post yesterday. Coming home at midnight the night before left me rather brain dead.

But the good news is I am back. I am caffeinated. I am an in extremely good mood this morning despite some tree damage incurred during last night's storms that hit Austin. As I like to say...."It's all goooood!"

Anyway to continue on with my San Francisco adventure.

After leaving the hotel I made my way over to a delightful fifty's style diner called Lori's Diner. The very personal and friendly doorman from the Grand Hyatt had suggested I go there to grab a quick bite. The food was great, the people watching was of course amazing (met two people from Russia that were visiting America for the first time) and it certainly helped calm my nerves to get a few minutes to myself before beginning final preparations for my presentation later that afternoon.

With my belly happy and my bill paid in full, I left the diner and decided to walk the streets a bit and continue to admire the architecture from the ground up. Amazing city San Francisco. I found myself walking several blocks without paying real close attention to what direction I was headed or where I was really going; not recommended unless you are a go with the flow kind of adventure traveler like myself...then it's fine! I was simply enjoying the cool temperatures and the bright sunshine and the tremendous eye candy the city seemed to serve up just for me. The scenery was incredible and the people I passed on the street had to be some of the friendliest I have yet to encounter. Smiles were exchanged. Lots of hellos were enthusiastically returned. People really seemed to be alive. Even the beggars on the street had a certain spirit that seemed to surpass their unfortunate circumstances.

I made my way back to my hotel and found my access my floor rather simple this go around. I replayed my earlier confusion and it made me smile, adding to a powerful feeling of happiness and relief that was settling in. A good feeling to have especially when you know you are going to have to speak to a large audience. Back in my swanky room I dutifully ran through my presentation once more, re-ironed my shirt and pressed my suit just to be sure I looked tip top! After going through my bag and discarding everything but the essentials I decided to pack up and head over to the Moscone Center to check out the facilities and wait for my conference contact to get me through security and down to the room I would be speaking in. Little did I know was my adventure was only just beginning.


Liberty said...

I'm headed to San Fran today for my mom's sorry I missed you while you were here, but curious about the rest of the adventure!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

As a first timer at the RSA Conference this year, I wanted to say thank you for your speech. Starsky was a great story and a perfect example of the ripple.

Take care,

rkrukoski at nci dot ca

Anonymous said...


I was at your presentation at the RSA Conference and I have to say you were amazing. I had no idea what to expect and honestly I almost didn't stick around for the Networking 101 session...because like you I cringe when I think about networking.

Boy was I surprised and delighted when you got up to speak. You had such energy and passion and you gave me a completely different way to think about networking. Thank you for making us Ripple!

Oh and by the way...I loved your Starsky-Red Torino (sp?) example of how to connect. I searched out my red torino with so many cool people I met at the conference - thanks to you.

As you say....Ripple On!!!

Orland, Florida

Steve Harper said...


Thanks for the comment. I am so glad you got something out of my presentation. How was the rest of the conference for you?

Ripple On!!!

Steve Harper said...


Wow...thank you for your comments. I always love to hear feedback like that and rest assured it means the world to me. Sometimes I admit I wonder if what I am saying is actually getting through out there in the audience so thank you for saying such kind things about my presentation.

Do tell about about your Torino experience at the conference. Feel free to post here or drop me an email at steveATripplecentralDOTcom

Ripple On and thanks again!