Thursday, April 17, 2008

Early Morning Time

If you ask me there is something magical about the early morning. I especially like spring because there is just that hint of coolness in the air and the slumbering green and magical colors of new growth seem to take a collective yawn before perking up with those first few rays of sunshine. Everything seems fresher. Everything seems calmer. Everything seems rife with possibilities.

The quite of the early morning welcomes me to just be. To drink in the peacefulness of a brand new day long before the hectic pace of my daily life kicks into high gear. How as I get old I so need more of these moments to just remember to breathe. I need the reminders to take a step back and remember that everything I am seeing, everything I am experiencing was and is for me. It helps put things into perspective.

There used to be a time that the stillness of an early morning was lost on me. I had meetings to attend. Work to start or finish. I didn't have time for such things.

But I always did. I always will. It's just now I know to appreciate it more. Hope you will too.

Ripple On!!!

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Artie Gold said...

Alas, but what do you do when your natural inclination is to see dawn as a perfect way to end a day? (Especially when the exigencies of work, family and life forbid the lazy noon wakeups of days of yore....)

Enqiuring minds want to know...