Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Twit, They Twit, We All Twitter

So last year at SXSW I started using a service everyone was talking about called Twitter. It's a unique way to keep friends, family, fans, etc. informed of 'what you are doing.' Well I used it several times last year during the conference and to be perfectly honest, never thought about it again....until this year's SXSW Conference.

I dusted off the old log in, requested a new password (I only use three so I was shocked it wasn't one of those) and bam! I was back Twittering with what I found to be a huge community of other people around the world. Upon logging on and seeing all the buzz from those in attendance at SXSW I suddenly felt like the kid left out of the school yard pickup football game. "Hey cool kids..I want to play!"

So I did.

I got back on Twitter and started giving updates every so often. Before long I found I had two people following me. Then three. Then four. Now I have about fifty new people I would never have found nor would have likely found me had it not been for Twitter. I have become addicted to giving updates and to checking in on my Tweet Posse to see what's happening in their lives.

I originally had the question about whether anyone would give a rat's you know what what I was up to on a daily basis but to my surprise....some do and you know what? I care about they are up to too. It's a whole new way to bridge and make connections and I am having a lot of fun doing it. It's a whole new way to Ripple!

Check it out and look for me. My "Tweetal" (I just made that up for handle) is RippleOn. Go figure!

Hope to see you in Twitter land!

Ripple On!!!



Sue said...

I love twitter. It's so easy to add a microblog or a link or whatever is in my head. It's also fun to see other people's twits. hahaha

Ann said... took you long enough to get back here. I saved you a seat at the cool kids table and everything.

Within a week I added two people to my tweet stream with books on the shelf in my home library.

You may have noticed..I'm an equal opportunity twitter harasser.


ChiefExecutiveOrganizer said...

Hey Steve! I added you to my list today. Twitter on!

- Lorie Marrero

Steve Harper said...


Totally agree!


I am just glad the cool kids waited on me.


You are so my hero! I am now totally the coolest person because I am tweeting with THE BEST DAMN ORGANIZER on this side of the planet.

Ripple On Ladies!!!


Thom Singer said...

I have found that twitter is a fast way to make some amazing connections and create some (as you would say) ripples.

Not everyone one follows or who follows them will you bond with... but I have many new people in my life that I have come to know from twitter.

It is weird, but is a good tool.

Oh, and I have followed you on twitter all along, even when you were not active.