Friday, February 15, 2008

Inspirational Story To Get You Thinking

Fellow Author and professional colleague, Tim Sanders, tells an amazing story that will really make you think about just how important it is to create Ripples for those who cross your path in life. Whether it may be a co-worker, employee, customer or friend, you just never know what your actions might mean to another. After hearing this story, I am most certain you will appreciate just what kind of power your Ripple might hold.

Check out Tim's Book by clicking here!


Tom Magness said...


Thanks for the reminder on what happens when we "manage by email." That was the basis for my making a recent workday "email-free" across my 700-person workforce. We need to get back to the old-school ways of connecting, one person, one ripple at a time! Great stuff! Hooah!

Liz said...

Great post. Very inspirational!