Friday, February 08, 2008

Allow Yourself

I celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago and I ended up getting a swanky bottle of scotch from my good friend Prince Rahman. I am not what you would call an astute connoisseur of scotch. Though admittedly I would always up-purchase for friends and clients for birthdays and special occasions the bootstrapper mentality of my thinking always forced me to purchase the cheapest (or close to the cheapest) bottle of scotch for myself. So needless to say the only time good scotch passed through this boy's lips was if said friend or client happened to open their gift and insist that we pour a drink.

Tonight I found myself deep in thought. I have lots going on in my life right now and my mind has been a twitter with many thoughts. I decide that I needed a break, I needed to go chill for a bit. I went to that very expensive bottle of scotch that Prince had given me both as present as a metaphor for something I was helping him with (long story). I pour myself a nice glass and headed to my front porch to admire the amazing display of stars which tonight are literally exploding with color and sparkle thanks to very clear skies.

I took a drink. Smooth. Nice. Very good. Ahhhh it set the mood of a very pleasant evening and my over rambunctious mind began to settle. That's when it hit me. I have never really tasted or appreciated fine scotch. Sure I have shared some glasses before but it was always someone else's scotch and not mine. I am, remember, used to the cheap stuff.

That's when the thought literally hit me.

The thought may not seem revolutionary to you but it was to me. I am used to the cheap stuff. I have literally never allowed myself to have that fine bottle of scotch. It was always too much money, too extravagant for this old boy. I realized that I have never allowed myself to have such an elaborate gift; somehow deep down inside I have never thought myself deserving.

What a screwed up way of thinking. You know what, I am sure if I dig deep enough this way of thinking extends in multiple directions well beyond scotch. How self-limiting!

As I sat there ideas came rushing in that just seemed appropriate to share with you, my friends. This self-limiting cheap approach to living I believe, is your mind's little game of keeping you down. Sure you want that big house out on forty acres but you'll never get paid enough at that job to afford the mortgage so why bother? You should be driving that red sports car but no one your age should be considering such a ridiculous purchase; better to be practical. You could run that million dollar business out of your home but the kids come home at three and there just isn't enough time in the day to pull a business plan together and get that first customer. My friends and my clients are the ones that deserve that big thank you so I'll happily purchase them their nice bottle while I grab the bottle that is 1/2 price because it tastes like turpentine.

Guess what. That is all BS! When you pitch from the platform of lack and undeserving, life is more than happy to stand, applaud, smile back and say, "You are right! You aren't worthy!"

Well that is not right. I am worthy damn it! I deserve better! I demand better!

There are individuals, companies, communities and whole countries that need me for the message that I have to share.

I deserve to be a best selling world-renowned author.

I very well may be the THE PERSON who can change the world in some incredible and lasting way.

Quit being used to what life hands you. Wake up! Allow yourself to imagine yourself achieving that which you want to achieve. That alone, my friend, will help you take that first step to discovering that you, like me, deserve more. You, like me, are by design destined to do more. You, like me, are supposed to have more!

Allow yourself.

Ripple On!!!



Anonymous said...

Awesome post Steve.

Alia said...

Do you ever sleep? Where do you come up with such powerful material.

This has quickly become one of my most favorite blogs to read. My friend Suzanna links to you from her site so that is how I found you.

Keep up the good work Mr. Harper. Oh and I just ordered your book so I hope you will autograph it for me.


PRINCE RAHMAN, msole said...

Steve, my friend... you have always been, and will always be, deserving of all of life's rich and wonderful bounty.

Your presence in this world is a gift to one-and-all. Thank you for the opportunity to show appreciation.

Asha said...

Definitely allow yourself the best in life Steve. You deserve all the best that you put out there. Never forget that. It is in our moments of truth with ourselves that we find that we are great and deserve great things.

Keep up the wonderful blogs and hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for your presence in my life.